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Hello there!

Since you are here, we're guessing you'd like to know more about us. Cool! Let's start with the very beginnings then...

"We're happy if you're happy"

Our motto is "We're happy if you're happy". We want to make sure we all do the best work and get the best possible results - the results we can be proud of in time.

This is why we believe that if you're happy, then we're happy: with the work environment; with your tasks and chores; with the quality and standard of your work; with your bosses; with the team we're all a part of.

Who we are

We've been active on the US telecom market ever since 1998. Throughout the years we've developed a lot - our client's number grew and so did we as a team. In 2003, we opened our office in Romania and in 2006 our headquarters moved in Bucharest, Romania and we've been here ever since.

We're a team of over 250 enthusiastic colleagues and we act in various fields and departments like: creative, customer support, human resources, finance, product development, software, legal, sales, and much more.

We work with clients worldwide. This means that our working schedule is a bit different from other companies. Some of our colleagues start their day around 10:00 and others come to work after 14:00. We want to make sure our colleagues leaving/coming at the office during 22:30 - 5:30 get home/office safe, so we provide taxi transportation in this time frame.

Our Values

We are a winning team!
We are diverse, we grow together, we act and communicate with respect and integrity.

The customer drives what we do!

Excellence is what we want!
We are innovative in our work and efficient in our process.

We celebrate our success!

What the mind can believe, we can achieve!

What we do

Our two main activities relate to traffic of international airtime and selling online prepaid calling cards (based on VoIP technology) that help people make worldwide calls (phone-to-phone) at much lower costs than if they were to call directly from their cell or landline phone.

If you want to know more about our products, visit our corporate website:

For information on the products we sell locally, visit here.